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2024 Summer Hall A/C Collaboration Meeting

Cebaf Center Auditorium (Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility)

Cebaf Center Auditorium

Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility

12000 Jefferson Ave, Newport News, VA 23606
Arun Tadepalli (Jefferson Lab), Bishnu Pandey (Virginia Military Institute), Carlos Ayerbe Gayoso (Old Dominion University), Dipangkar Dutta (Mississippi State University), Maria Niculescu (James Madison University), Marie BOER (Virginia Tech), Mark Jones (Jefferson Lab), Michael Nycz (University of Virginia), Pete Markowitz (Florida International University), Stephen Kay (University of York), William Henry (Jefferson Lab)
    • Welcome
    • Hall A/C - Upcoming Experiments

      Upcoming experiments in Hall A/C.

      • 10:30 AM
        Coffee break

        Photo shoot at 10:45

    • 12:00 PM
    • Hall A/C - Recent Results and Research Highlights

      Recent results and highlights from Hall A/C.

      Convener: Dipangkar Dutta (Mississippi State University)
      • 1
        CJ fit. F2 neutron extraction
        Speaker: Matteo Cerutti
      • 2
        F2 Results
        Speaker: William Henry
      • 3
        Beam-Spin Asymmetry of Exclusive Pion Production
        Speaker: Alicia Postuma
      • 4
        pion SIDIS Results
        Speaker: Dave Gaskell
      • 3:00 PM
        coffee break
    • 6:00 PM
      Hall A/C Social Event
    • Hall A/C - New Technologies, Tools and Techniques

      Discussion of new technologies, tools and techniques with a focus on how they could be incorporated in Hall A/C

      • 5
        Hall C - NPS Trigger Updates
      • 6
        GEM Detectors
      • 7
        Data Science - Support for Hall A/C
        Speaker: Daniel Lersch (Jefferson Lab)
      • 10:30 AM
        Coffee Break
      • 8
        SoLID - New Technologies in Use
      • 9
        Hall C - Compact Photon Source
    • 12:00 PM
    • Hall A/C - Prospects for Positrons and 20+ GeV

      A discussion of the prospects in Hall A/C for positron beams and 20+ GeV beams at JLab.

      • 10
        Jlab at 22 GeV
        Speaker: Patrizzia Rossi
      • 11
        Nuclear dynamics (SRC, superfast quarks, etc)
        Speaker: Misak Sargsian
      • 12
        SIDIS at 22 GeV
        Speaker: Ed Kinney
      • 13
        Pion/Kaon LT
        Speaker: Garth Huber
      • 3:00 PM
        coffee break
      • 14
        Positron program
        Speaker: Michael Nycz
      • 15
        Technical details about a positron accelerator at Jlab
        Speaker: Andrei Ushakov
      • 16