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Hall A / C Collaboration Meeting

CC Auditorium (Hybrid )

CC Auditorium


Zoom Recordings Day 1 : Passcode: 2bv*bWV* Day 2 : Passcode: 4v5?SFkZ
Arun Tadepalli , Mark Jones , Nathaly Santiesteban

Joint Hall A/C Summer 2022 collaboration meeting. Sessions will cover presentations of results for recent publications, updates on physics analysis, theory seminars, seminars oriented towards students, and updates on future experiments.

CEBAF Center Auditorium 

Zoom Links:
Day 1: Here
Passcode:     095640
Day 2:Here
Passcode: 399475

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Day#1 Recording
Passcode: 2bv*bWV*

Day #2 Recording
Passcode: 4v5?SFkZ