2022 Frontiers and Careers in Nuclear and Hadronic Physics

26-414 (MIT Laboratory for Nuclear Science)


MIT Laboratory for Nuclear Science

Farah Afzal, Jackson Pybus (MIT)

The Frontiers and Careers (F&C) is a workshop for Ph.D. students and postdoctoral researchers, and will precede the 2022 Gordon Research Conference on Photonuclear Reactions.

The 2022 F&C will continue to provide Ph.D. students and postdoctoral researches in the field of electromagnetic-interaction physics a place to discuss and present their research, explore career prospects, and make professional connections, all with the express purpose of preparing themselves for their future careers.

The workshop will take place in-person at the MIT Laboratory for Nuclear Science. Detail about available lodging will be added soon.

  • Achyut Khanal
  • Alejandro Salas-Chavira
  • Andrew Denniston
  • Ankush Sharma
  • Bo Yu
  • Brandon Tumeo
  • Caleb Fogler
  • Cameron Cotton
  • Churamani Paudel
  • Devi Adhikari
  • Douglas Higinbotham
  • Erin Seroka
  • Evangeline Downie
  • Farah Afzal
  • Frank Vera
  • Hang Qi
  • Hem Bhatt
  • Jackson Pybus
  • Jason Phelan
  • Jennifer Rittenhouse West
  • Jingyi Zhou
  • Maria Satnik
  • Mathieu Ouillon
  • Max Lellmann
  • Melanie Cardona
  • Michael Nycz
  • Natalie Wright
  • Nicolas Jermann
  • Niklas Keil
  • Phoebe Sharp
  • Provakar Datta
  • Reinhard Beck
  • Sara Ratliff
  • Sean Jeffas
  • Sebastian Ciupka
  • Sebastian Seeds
  • Shuo Jia
  • Simone Venturini
  • Tim Kolar
  • Tyler Kutz
  • William Briscoe
  • Yasemin Schelhaas