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Apr 10 – 12, 2019
Denver, CO
US/Mountain timezone

Dispersive KT Equations for Three-Body Decays of Mesons with Higher Mass or Spin

Apr 12, 2019, 11:30 AM
Director's Row E (Denver, CO)

Director's Row E

Denver, CO

Sheraton Denver Downtown Hotel, 1550 Court Pl. lobby level of the Plaza building
invited talk JPAC


Mr Daniel Winney (Indiana Unversity Bloomington)


The Khuri-Treiman (KT) formalism has been used to great effect to describe the low-energy dynamics involved in relativistic three body decays. This dispersive framework relies on truncating the infinite sum of partial waves via the isobar decomposition and imposing unitarity on the three resulting subchannels. Because of this truncation, however, the dispersion equations resulting from unitarity are unconstrained at higher energies, limiting their usefulness to decays with small phase spaces. We propose an extension to the conventional KT formalism incorporating a Veneziano amplitude-like background to constrain the high-energy behavior. The resulting model reduces to conventional isobar/KT in the low-energy resonance region but has the proper high-energy Regge behavior, constraining the dispersion relations at intermediate energies. This allows for dispersive analysis techniques to be use for decays of mesons with higher mass or spin. We apply this technique to the decay J/\psi \to 3\pi. Collaboration: Joint Physics Analysis Center

Primary author

Mr Daniel Winney (Indiana Unversity Bloomington)


Prof. Adam Szczepaniak (Indiana Univeristy/JLab)

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