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The Next Generation of 3D Imaging

CC F324-325 (Hybrid)

CC F324-325


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Carlos Munoz Camacho, Harut Avagyan, Jian-Ping Chen, Jianwei Qiu, Patrizia Rossi, Xiangdong Ji

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Studies of azimuthal distributions of hadrons and photons in exclusive and semi-inclusive Deep Inelastic Scattering measurements, providing access to a variety of observables helping to elucidate the way the properties of the proton emerge dynamically from strong interactions, are recognized as key objectives of the JLab 12 GeV program, and driving force behind the construction of the future Electron-Ion Collider (EIC). Jefferson Lab 12-GeV data already have remarkably higher precision at large parton fractional momenta x compared to the existing data and will be the main source of information on non-perturbative QCD in the next decade.  The major limitations in studies of the nucleon structure at JLab12 are the limited coverage of the kinematical region, where the non-perturbative sea is significant, and the limited phase space in accessing large momentum transfer and large transverse momenta of final state particles due to relatively low energy in the photon-nucleon CM system. These issues can be overcome by a JLab upgrade to 24 GeV.

 The focus of this workshop will be threefold:
(1) Identify the flagship measurements that can be done only with 20+ GeV. (2) Identify the flagship measurements with 20+ GeV that can extend and improve the 11 GeV measurements, helping the physics interpretation through multidimensional bins in extended kinematics. (3) Identify the measurements with 20+ GeV that can set the bridge between JLab12 and EIC (complementarity).