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Oct 16 – 21, 2022
Marriott Newport News at City Center
US/Eastern timezone

Equipment Protection System Checks at ALBA

Oct 21, 2022, 9:00 AM
Oral Reliable Protection Systems Reliable Protection Systems


FERNANDEZ, Ferran (ALBA synchrotron)


ALBA is the Spanish 3rd generation synchrotron light source. In operation since 2012, we are continuously aiming to maximize the beam availability for users. Like the rest of particle accelerators, an Equipment Protection System (EPS) takes care of avoiding situations that could damage the accelerators.
Based on sensors (that gather information), PLCs (that processes it) and switches (that act on hardware), many different hazards are taken into account in the EPS: magnet thermal switches interlocks power supplies, vacuum gauges and pump pressures close valves, surface thermocouples inhibits RF,... However, these situations rarely occur.
Here we discuss which checks we perform on the EPS to ensure it is working properly, not only focusing on what/how often do we check, but also how we do it; one can easily simulate a thermocouple error signal in a PLC, but it’s not that easy to heat it up physically.

Primary author

FERNANDEZ, Ferran (ALBA synchrotron)

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