USPAS - SRF Technology: Practices and Hands-on Measurements

Jefferson Lab

Jefferson Lab

The US Particle Accelerator School was hosted by Old Dominion University 19-30 January 2015. Taking advantage of proximity, the first of its kind "SRF Technology: Practices and Hands-on Measurements" course was offered and organized at nearby Jefferson Lab.
  • The core of the course consisted of eight 5-hour hands-on labs, through which the students rotated in groups of four.
    • Cleanroom - Chemroom - Cavity testing - HOM measurements - Beadpull measurements - Microphonics, warm - Cryomodule rf measurements - Cryomodule microphonics measurements
  • Thorough preparatory safety training and a set of 18 1-hour lectures were also provided. Copies of the lectures are posted here.