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May 8 – 12, 2023
Norfolk Waterside Marriott
US/Eastern timezone

A Named Data Networking Based Fast Open Storage System plugin for XRootD

May 8, 2023, 2:15 PM
Norfolk Ballroom III-V (Norfolk Waterside Marriott)

Norfolk Ballroom III-V

Norfolk Waterside Marriott

235 East Main Street Norfolk, VA 23510
Oral Track 1 - Data and Metadata Organization, Management and Access Track 1 - Data and Metadata Organization, Management and Access


Shannigrahi, Susmit (Tennessee Tech University)


We present an NDN-based Open Storage System (OSS) plugin for XRootD instrumented with an accelerated packet forwarder, built for data access in the CMS and other experiments at the LHC, together with its current status, performance as compared to other tools and applications, and plans for ongoing developments.

Named Data Networking (NDN) is a leading Future Internet Architecture where data in the network is accessed directly by its name rather than the location of the data containers (hosts). NDN enables the joint design of multipath forwarding and caching to achieve superior latency and failover performance. The Caltech team, together with Northeastern University, UCLA, Tennessee Tech and other collaborators from the NDN for Data Intensive Science Experiments (N-DISE) project, has implemented (1) a small C++ NDN library (NDNc) to bridge the existing NDN libraries with the new high-throughput NDN-DPDK forwarder developed by NIST, (2) a corresponding NDN naming scheme for accessing datasets in the network, (3) two basic classes of entities for transferring data in NDN: consumer and producer, and (4) an NDN-based OSS plugin for XRootD.

The XRootD plugin offers implementation for all filesystem related calls (e.g., open, read, close) and it embeds the NDN consumer that translates these calls to NDN Interest packets using well-established naming conventions. For example, the Interest for a read operation for the third segment from a file at /path/to/foo location on disk has the corresponding name /ndnc/ft/path/to/foo/v=1/seg=3. Once Interest packets are assembled, they are passed to a proxy entity which forwards them to the local interface. The proxy provides reliable data fetching by handling timeouts and retransmissions, and can adopt different congestion control algorithms (e.g., fixed window size, or congestion-aware AIMD). The local interface implements a memif shared memory packet interface, providing high-performance packet transmission to and from the local NDN-DPDK forwarder. NDN Interest packets find nearest copies of requested data on the NDN network, from either in-network caches or data producers. Alongside this plugin, a corresponding producer has been implemented, which can communicate with multiple file systems (CEPH, HDFS); upon receiving Interest packets, the producer responds with data packets that encapsulate byte ranges at proper offsets from an existing file indicated by the segment numbers of received Interest packets.

In this paper we present the architecture of the NDNc library, the consumer application and the NDN-based XRootD plugin. We will also present the throughput performance of the plugin over a continental-scale wide area network testbed, in comparison with other tools and applications used for accessing data at the CMS experiment.

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Primary authors

Iordache, Cătălin (California Institute of Technology) Newman, Harvey (California Institute of Technology) Balcas, Justas (California Institute of Technology) Šrivinskas, Raimondas (California Institute of Technology) Yeh, Edmund (Northeastern University) Wu, Yuanhao (Northeastern University) Multu, Faruk Volkan (Northeastern University) Shannigrahi, Susmit (Tennessee Tech University) Timilsina, Sankalpa (Tennessee Tech University) Zhang, Lixia (University of California, Los Angeles) Song, Sichen (University of California, Los Angeles) Cong, Jason (University of California, Los Angeles) Lo, Michael (University of California, Los Angeles) Pesavento, Davide (National Institute of Standards and Technology)

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