HPS Collaboration Meeting

L102 (Jefferson lab)


Jefferson lab

John Jaros (SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory), Maurik Holtrop (JLab), Nathan Baltzell (Jefferson Lab), Stepan Stepanyan (Jefferson Lab)
The Heavy Photon Search (HPS) collaboration is busy analyzing the data from its 2015 and 2016 Engineering Runs and moving forward with the approved upgrades for a 2019 run. The Analysis Note and a draft of the first HPS physics publication, a resonance search from the 2015 data, have been reviewed by the collaboration. Submission for publication is imminent. A second analysis note, for the 2015 vertex search, is well underway. Some preliminary physics results based on 10% of the 2016 run have already been presented in a thesis, and show the 2016 data to be of good quality. SVT alignment for the 2016 run is being finalized; once complete, the Pass 2 recon of the 2016 data will proceed. The main focus of the two and a half day meeting will be on completing the engineering run data analyses and reviewing the status of the ongoing upgrades to the SVT and trigger system, which are to be ready for the first extended physics run in summer of 2019. We will also discuss future plans for HPS beyond 2019 and new ideas to explore using the HPS data sets. There will be a public session focused on the current status of Dark sector searches. The meeting will provide an excellent introduction to HPS for any potential new collaborators, who are invited to attend. Bluejeans Meeting ID: 394 986 422