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ARC 231 (Jefferson Lab)

ARC 231

Jefferson Lab

1.1 Goal of the workshop Within the last year cavity performance data has been collected on every cavity in CEBAF. This includes 242 original C20 cavities, 88 refurbished C50 cavities and 88 C100 cavities. In addition data exists on the initial performance with beam of the accelerating system. The goal of this work shop is to present the data that has been collected, develop working groups, if needed, to fully analyze the data and develop a plan for maintenance and improvement of CEBAF SRF systems and cavity performance.
  • Andrew Hutton
  • Anna Shabalina
  • Arne Freyberger
  • Balsa Terzic
  • Charlie Reece
  • Clyde Mounts
  • Crystal Baker
  • Curt Hovater
  • Evelyn Akers
  • Fulvia Pilat
  • Ganapati Myneni
  • Geoff Krafft
  • George Kharashvili
  • Jay Benesch
  • Jiquan Guo
  • John Mammosser
  • Jonathan Creel
  • Joseph Preble
  • Kenneth Baggett
  • Larry Phillips
  • Leigh Harwood
  • Mark Wiseman
  • Mathew Wright
  • Matthew Bickley
  • Michael Tiefenback
  • Mike Drury
  • Paul Vasilauskis
  • Pavel Degtiarenko
  • Peter Knudsen
  • Ramakrishna Bachimanchi
  • Randy Michaud
  • Rick Nelson
  • Robert Rimmer
  • Rongli Geng
  • Stephen Cooper
  • Steve Suhring
  • Tom Powers
  • Venkatarao Ganni
  • Will Oren
  • William Merz
    • 08:30 09:00

      Coffee and Introductory Remarks

      • 08:30
        Assemble/Coffee 15m
      • 08:45
        Introduction 15m
        Speaker: Arne Freyberger
    • 09:00 12:00
      Confronting the Data
      • 09:00
        SRF Commissioning Data 25m
        What data was taken? how is it stored? Data access? Preliminary results.
        Speaker: Mike Drury
      • 09:25
        Beam Based and in-situ cavity measurements 25m
        Gradient, Qs and trip rates.
        Speaker: Jay Benesch
      • 09:50
        Discussion w/ Break 30m
      • 10:20
        C50-11 (aka SL10) Performance 10m
        C50-11 Qs, gradients, onset field emission data. Any remaining regions of interests in improving C50 Qs. Is this a dead horse?
        Speaker: Mike Drury
      • 10:30
        C50-11 Q0 analysis 15m
        Data of magnetic/magnetized components surveyed. Correlation of C50-11 Q0 of individual cavities with the ambient magnetic field at SL10 slot.
        Speaker: Rongli Geng
      • 10:45
        C100 Performance with beam 20m
        C100/R100 performance with beam. Challenges during initial beam operations.
        Speaker: Ramakrishna Bachimanchi
      • 11:05
        Cryomodule Heat, CHL Loads and CHL1/2 performance during initial beam operations 15m
        Status of the CHL-1/CHL-2 systems and performance during initial beam operations. Linac loads, pressure stablility and hat management to be presented with a bias towards cryogenic system needs.
        Speaker: Jonathan Creel
      • 11:20
        Minimizing the Linac dynamic heat load 15m
        Data from recent heat load minimization tests
        Speaker: Geoff Krafft
      • 11:35
        C100 Activation 15m
        results and implications of c100 activation measurements
        Speaker: George Kharashvili
      • 11:50
        Discussion 10m
        Speaker: ALL
    • 12:00 13:00
      Lunch (provided)
    • 13:00 16:30
      • 13:00
        Long term schedule and CEBAF Energy Reach 15m
        CEBAF schedule for beam operations and shutdowns for the next three years.
        Speaker: Arne Freyberger
      • 13:15
        Status of and plans for Plasma Processing 20m
        Status and plans of Plasma processing. Recent test results on FEL02?
        Speaker: John Mammosser
      • 13:35
        Status of C50-12 (aka FEL02) 15m
        C50-12 plan, schedule and status. Likely date of return to CEBAF?
        Speaker: Joe Preble
      • 13:50
        Transitioning C100s to operations 20m
        What is needed to complete the hand-off for robust operations of the C100s by operators and crew chiefs. What is the plan? What is the schedule?
        Speaker: Clyde Mounts
      • 14:10
        Minimizing the Linac dynamic heat load (algorithm) 15m
        Algorithm for minimization of trip rate and heat load.
        Speaker: Balsa Terzic
      • 14:25
        Cryogenic Maintenance and Upgrade Plans 15m
        CHL plans during the summer shutdowns, with emphasis on the impact to the Linac. Topics include: CHL-1 Maintenance summer of 2014, proposed 1.5kW external heater, modifications to support Linacs at 2K on one CHL, and anything else.
        Speaker: Mat Wright
      • 14:40
        SRF Maintenance 15m
        Plan and schedule of SRF maintenance work for Summer 2014 (and beyond). Tuner stand-off modifications? tunnel cabling clean-up?
        Speaker: Mike Drury
      • 14:55
        RF power Maintenance 15m
        RF power maintenance planned for the Summer of 2014. R100 Kylstrons installation. Estimated consumables (klystrons, controls) for the next several years of operation.
        Speaker: Steve Cooper
      • 15:10
        2.2GeV/pass by Fall 2015 discussion 30m
        Gradient maintenance. What needs to be done? What can be done at 2K? What can be done at 4K? Estimated time needed. Must, Shoulds and Likes
        Speaker: ALL
      • 15:40
        RF/SRF Path Forward 20m
        With little gradient headroom, constant vigilance is required to achieve peak performance from the RF/SRF/Cryo systems. How shall we proceed? A strawman proposal will be presented and morphed into a robust plan with institutional buy-in from all parties. Peace in the middle east and an end to world hunger will be achieved, as well , during this discussion.
        Speaker: Arne Freyberger