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High Energy Workshop Series 2022: Science at Mid x: Anti-Shadowing and the Role of the Sea

Cebaf Center L102 (Hybrid) (Jefferson Lab)

Cebaf Center L102 (Hybrid)

Jefferson Lab

12000 Jefferson Avenue Newport News, Virginia
Cynthia Keppel (Jefferson Lab)

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    • 8:30 AM 9:25 AM
      Session 1: Introduction
      Convener: Cynthia Keppel (Jefferson Lab)
      • 8:30 AM
        Welcome and Workshop Series Overview 10m
        Speaker: David Dean (TJNAF)
      • 8:40 AM
        Accelerator Possibilities and Plans for 20+ GeV 15m
        Speaker: Alex Bogacz (Jefferson Lab)
      • 8:55 AM
        Theory Overview - Jianwei Qiu 30m
        Speaker: Jianwei Qiu (Jefferson Lab)
    • 9:25 AM 1:05 PM
      Session 2 - Shadowing and Nuclear Effects I
      Convener: John Arrington (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)
      • 9:25 AM
        Anti-Shadowing from a Nuclear PDFD Perspective 30m
        Speaker: Fred Olness (SMU)
      • 9:55 AM
        Inclusive Data, Current and Projections 25m
        Speaker: Ioana Niculescu
      • 10:20 AM
        Exploring Nuclear Interactions with DIS at Mid x 30m
        Speaker: Christian Weiss (Jefferson Lab)
      • 10:50 AM
        Coffee Break 10m
      • 11:00 AM
        Possibilities with Tagged Data 30m
        Speaker: Raphaël Dupré (IJCLab, Paris-Saclay U.)
      • 11:30 AM
        Experience and Thoughts from HERMES 30m
        Speaker: Edward Kinney (University of Colorado)
      • 12:00 PM
        General Discussion 1h
    • 8:30 AM 11:10 AM
      Session 1 - The Role of the Sea
      Convener: Mark Dalton (Jefferson Lab)
      • 8:30 AM
        Theory Overview, What Can We Learn from PVDIS 40m
        Speaker: Nobuo Sato (Jefferson Lab)
      • 9:10 AM
        PVDIS Data, Current and Projections 30m
        Speaker: Jimmy Caylor (Syracuse University)
      • 9:40 AM
        Semi-Inclusive Reactions in Accessing the Sea 30m
        Speakers: Jen-Chieh Peng (University of Illinois at Urbana-Chamapign) , Paul Reimer (Physics Division, Argonne National Laboratory)
      • 10:10 AM
        TIDIS Meson Production, Theory Perspective 25m
        Speaker: Patrick Barry (Jefferson Lab)
      • 10:35 AM
        TDIS Meson Production, Plans and Projections 25m
        Speaker: Tanja Horn (Catholic University of America)
      • 11:00 AM
        Coffee Break 10m
    • 11:10 AM 1:10 PM
      Session 2 - Shadowing and Nuclear Effects I: Shadowing and Nuclear Effects II
      Convener: Jianwei Qiu (Jefferson Lab)
      • 11:10 AM
        Theory Perspective 30m
        Speaker: Ian Cloet (Argonne National Laboratory)
      • 11:40 AM
        Flavor and Spin Effects in Anti-Shadowing 30m
        Speaker: Will Brooks (Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María)
      • 12:10 PM
        Projections from SIDIS 30m
        Speakers: Dave Gaskell , Dipangkar Dutta (Mississippi State University)
      • 12:40 PM
        General Discussion 20m