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J/Psi and Beyond

CC L207 (Jefferson Lab)

CC L207

Jefferson Lab

Ed Brash (Christopher Newport University), Ian Cloet (Argonne National Laboratory), Jianwei Qiu (Jefferson Lab), Zein-Eddine Meziani (Argonne National Laboratory)

Measurements of J/psi near threshold with high statistics, for both electro and photoproduction at JLab with 12 GeV beam, has created tremendous interest in the community.  A CEBAF energy increase (to ~24 GeV) will allow us to ask new questions and provide opportunities for addressing long-standing puzzles in nuclear and particle physics, thus enhancing the physics output of all four experimental halls, using existing (Halls B, C, and D) and future (SoLID in Hall A) equipment.  This focused one-day workshop aims to (1) identify the key new measurements which could be made possible via an energy increase, and (2) specify the corresponding new questions that could be answered and the outstanding puzzles that could be addressed.  For example, what is the impact of Psi(2S) data near and above its threshold in exploring the size change of the probe through a comparison with the threshold J/psi production data?  With the enhanced Q lever-arm in J/psi electro-production that comes with higher energy beam, do we expect an improvement in probing the trace anomaly (which is central to the origin of proton mass)? Does having the J/psi produced precisely, especially with 19-20 GeV beam, help to address the tension that currently exists between JLab data and SLAC data from 40 years ago?

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