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Physics Beyond the Standard Model

CC L102 (Hybrid)

CC L102


Bob McKeown, Marco Battaglieri, Xiaochao Zheng

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Possibilities for testing the Standard Model and searching for new physics beyond the Standard Model enabled by 20-24 GeV electron beams at CEBAF will be discussed. There will be opportunities for presentations and discussions where new ideas can be brought forward.

    • Session I
    • 12:10 PM
      Coffe/Lunch break
    • Session II
      • 6
        Beyond hadron physics with secondary beams at JLab
        Speaker: Mariangela Bondì (INFN)
      • 7
        Vector currents in electron-nuclei scattering
        Speaker: Adi Ashkenazi (Tel Aviv University)
    • 2:10 PM
      Coffe break
    • Panel Discussion

      Please comment on any, or all, of the topics we heard today:
      - Is there significant discovery potential?

      • Is it a good match to the unique capabilities of CEBAF at 20-24 GeV?

      • Is it technically feasible?

      Which topic, or topics, do you see as particularly compelling? Do these provide substantial justification for an energy upgrade of CEBAF?
      Are there topics that you think deserve consideration but were not included in the workshop program?
      How do the topics presented today compare with experimental programs elsewhere (competitive, synergetic, complimentary)?
      Will any of the topics presented potentially attract users from outside the lab?

      Conveners: Dr Gordan Krnjaic (FNAL), Dr Philip Schuster (SLAC), Prof. Shufang Su (University of Arizona)