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Feb 5 – 9, 2018
Ghent University, Belgium
Europe/Brussels timezone
The future Electron-Ion Collider (EIC) will enable a novel physics program of high-energy electron scattering on light ions, addressing basic questions of QCD and nucleonic and nuclear structure. Light ions bring several unique features to high-energy scattering experiments: (a) polarized ion beams and measurements of spin observables; (b) control of the nuclear configurations in the high-energy process through detection of the nuclear breakup (spectators, fragments, coherent recoil); (c) availability of first-principles theoretical calculations of the nuclear wave functions and final-state interactions. The workshop aims to explore the physics potential of measurements with polarized light ions at the EIC and other facilities and assess their specific experimental and theoretical needs. It brings together researchers in polarized and unpolarized deep-inelastic scattering and in nuclear structure theory and experiments for an in-depth discussion of questions at the intersection of both fields. Topics include: * Neutron spin structure from polarized deep-inelastic scattering on light nuclei (d, 3He) * Nuclear fragmentation and final-state interactions in high-energy processes * Spin-orbit effects and azimuthal asymmetries in scattering on proton and light nuclei * Tensor-polarized deuteron in low- and high-energy processes * Theoretical methods for light nuclear structure: Few-body, Lattice, Light-front * Nuclear structure at variable scales: Effective degrees of freedom, EFT methods * Quarks and gluons in light nuclei: EMC effect, non-nucleonic degrees of freedom * Diffraction and nuclear shadowing in DIS on light nuclei * Polarized light ion beams: Sources, acceleration, polarimetry * Forward detection of spectators and nuclear fragments at EIC Organizers: W. Cosyn (Ghent University) <> A. Deshpande (Stony Brook University and Brookhaven National Laboratory) <> J. Ryckebusch (Ghent University) <> C. Weiss (Jefferson Lab) <>
Ghent University, Belgium
Proeftuinstraat 86, 9000 Gent, Belgium
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