10th International Workshop on Thin Films and New Ideas for Pushing the Limits of RF Superconductivity

Jefferson Lab

Jefferson Lab

Anne-Marie Valente-Feliciano (Jefferson Lab)

The 10th Workshop in this series will further the goal of providing a Forum for new initiatives in innovative thin films and related technology to advance future generations of superconducting RF accelerators. Present superconducting RF accelerator technology is based on predominately bulk niobium, for which the state of the art in performance is reaching the theoretical limit. Thin film technology offers the prospect of considerable savings in fabrication costs and opens the way with innovative technologies to the use of alternative superconducting materials with enhanced intrinsic properties such as critical temperature and critical field. Intensive and coordinated R&D effort is of decisive importance for the scientific community.

The primary aim of the workshop is to support this initiative by providing an opportunity to bring together individuals and institutions working in this effort and infusing expertise of specialists from related disciplines (superconductivity, plasma physics, material science, nanotechnology, RF engineering and industry). Reports on work from each participating group and extensive discussions on existing problems, new ideas and programs for the future constitute the primary focus of the program.

This edition will be held at Jefferson Lab, Newport News VA, USA.

Abstract submission  deadline  September 8, 2022.

Registration deadline is September 8, 2022.

  • A. Ozdem Sezgin
  • Akira Yamamoto
  • Alexander Gurevich
  • Andre Juliao
  • Andres Salas
  • Anne-Marie Valente-Feliciano
  • Antonio Bianchi
  • Bektur Abdisatarov
  • Carlota Pereira
  • Carrie Baxley
  • Charles Reece
  • Claire Antoine
  • Cristian Pira
  • Daniel Seal
  • Daniel Turner
  • David Beverstock
  • David Longuevergne
  • Davide Ford
  • Didi Luo
  • dmitry tikhonov
  • Eduard Chyhyrynets
  • Eric Lechner
  • Felix Walk
  • Francis Lockwood Estrin
  • Getnet Kacha Deyu
  • Gianluigi Ciovati
  • Grigory Eremeev
  • Harshani Senevirathne
  • Isabel González Díaz-Palacio
  • Jayendrika Tiskumara
  • Jiyuan Zhai
  • Johannes Bernardi
  • Liam Smith
  • Lorena Vega
  • Marc Wenskat
  • Maria Iavarone
  • Massimiliano Bonesso
  • Md Asaduzzaman
  • Md Sharifuzzaman Shakel
  • Michael Kelley
  • Michael Vogel
  • MIchele Bertucci
  • Mingqi Ge
  • Nicola Pompeo
  • Oleg Malyshev
  • Oleksandr Hryhorenko
  • Pablo Vidal Garcia
  • Paul Plattner
  • Ping He
  • Reza Valizadeh
  • Sebastian Keckert
  • Shreyas Balachandran
  • Stewart Leith
  • Taaj Sian
  • Teng Tan
  • Thomas Proslier
  • Tobias Junginger
  • Tsuyoshi Tajima
  • Uttar Pudasaini
  • Valerie Bookwalter
  • Yasmine KALBOUSSI
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