1st Workshop on New Light Physics and Photon-beam Experiments

Atsushi Tokiyasu (Tohoku University), Igal Jaegle (jlab), Lena Heijkenskjöld (Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz), Yiming Zhong (Kavli Institute for Cosmological Physics)

Current and future photon-beam experiments, with their unprecedented beam intensities, provide a unique opportunity to explore MeV to GeV new light particles that couple feebly to the Standard Model. The new particles can be produced through the scatterings between the beam photons and the target nucleons or electrons, or the decays of mesons.


This workshop brings together the experimental and theoretical community within this field to discuss and strategize searches for new physics as well as share common tools through 4 dedicated sessions:

- Theoretical models and predictions
- Existing and future experimental facilities
- Research & Development
- Tutorials on tools and techniques


This workshop will be held remotely via bluejeans, https://bluejeans.com/208800527/8275.

  • Alexander Austregesilo
  • Atsushi Tokiyasu
  • Chandrasekhar Akondi
  • Christoph Kosi
  • Churamani Paudel
  • Daniel Aloni
  • Eugene Chudakov
  • Igal Jaegle
  • Igor Strakovsky
  • Jonathan Feng
  • Lawrence Ng
  • Lena Heijkenskjöld
  • Liping Gan
  • Mahmoud Kamel
  • Mihai Mocanu
  • Naomi Jarvis
  • peter cameron
  • Sankha Subhra Chakrabarty
  • Sean Tulin
  • Simon Taylor
  • Susan Schadmand
  • Thomas Jude
  • Tolga Erbora
  • Toshio Namba
  • Vahe Sokhoyan
  • Valery Tyukin
  • Varun Neelamana
  • William Snow
  • Yiming Zhong
  • Yunjie Yang
  • Zach Baldwin