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Scientific Program

  • Perspective of SRF thin film in international projects

  • Theoretical modelling of RF behavior

    Q-drop mechanism in thin films, SRF performance enhancement with mono- and multilayered superconductors

  • Nb thin film technology

    Conventional PVD, energetic condensation from highly ionized plasmas (HiPIMS, Arc Deposition, ECR plasma deposition …), CVD...

  • Alternate material based SRF thin films

    B1 compounds (NbN, NbTiN...), A15 materials (Nb3Sn, V3Si, …), MgB2 and other high-Tc superconductors (oxypnictides, FeSe monolayer…)

  • SIS structures for SRF

  • RF and material characterization for SRF films

  • Advanced substrates

    Surface cleaning, atmospheric plasmas; cavity substrate fabrication (electroplating, seamless cavities, 3D-manufacturing…)