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Jun 18 – 22, 2012
Jefferson Lab
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Conditionally Approved Proposals

The PAC may conditionally approve proposals when additional requirements must be fulfilled before full approval is granted. There are two categories of conditional approval:

  • C2 - must return to the PAC to address concerns or issues to obtain approval,
  • C1 - must meet designated technical requirements to obtain approval from laboratory management - further PAC review is not required.

The rule for newly conditionally approved 12 GeV proposals is that they must return for approval at one of the next 2 consecutive PAC meetings following the PAC at which they received the conditional approval status.

Proposals that received C2 status at a previous PAC may return to PAC39 to be considered for approval. Proposals with previous conditional approval (C2) that wish to be considered for approval at PAC39 should submit an updated proposal and will be granted a 20-minute presentation at the PAC meeting. Following the public presentation session the PAC will continue its discussions in closed session, and at least one spokesperson should be available either in person or by phone for 24 hours after the public session to answer questions as the PAC's discussion progresses. If approved, the proposals will be considered for rating along with the other approved proposals in the grading session.