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Jun 18 – 22, 2012
Jefferson Lab
EST timezone

Scientific Categories for Nuclear Physics Proposals

  1. The Hadron spectra as probes of QCD
      (GlueX and heavy baryon and meson spectroscopy)
  1. The transverse structure of the hadrons
      (Elastic and transition Form Factors)
  1. The longitudinal structure of the hadrons
      (Unpolarized and polarized parton distribution functions)
  1. The 3D structure of the hadrons
      (Generalized Parton Distributions and Transverse Momentum Distributions)
  1. Hadrons and cold nuclear matter
      (Medium modification of the nucleons, quark hadronization, N-N correlations, hypernuclear spectroscopy, few-body experiments)
  1. Low-energy tests of the Standard Model and Fundamental Symmetries
      (MOLLER, PVDIS, PRIMEX, ...)