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Jun 17 – 21, 2024
Hilton Hotel York
Europe/London timezone

Travel Information

Electronic travel authorisation information:

The UK is in the process of implementing electronic travel authorisation for all non British and Irish citizens entering the UK. Check the UK government's website to see whether or not an ETA will be required for your travel.

Travelling to York

York is well connected by train to major cities in the UK as well as several major airports.

Train times can be found on the national rail website, which also can provide information about possible delays and cancellations.

York Station:

From York station it is only twenty minutes walk to the Hilton hotel, where the conference is being held.

Alternatively it is a five minute taxi ride, however York can have very bad traffic at peak times and this may take much longer.

Leeds-Bradford Airport:

Leeds-Bradford Airport is the closest airport to York, however there are very limited flight options to there. To get to York from LBA requires taking a bus, the A1 to Leeds station, and then a train to York, several trains run every hour during the day.

Manchester Airport:

Manchester Airport is the most common airport used when flying in and out from York, it has many more connections than LBA and there are regular, direct trains to York. Alternatively it may be faster to change trains at Manchester Picadilly station.

London Airports:

London's two main airports are Heathrow and Gatwick, both of which are well connected to the city. London City Airport is also very convient for the city centre. Getting from Luton and Stansted into the city is more difficult.

Direct trains from London to York depart from Kings Cross Station, which is well connected by tube and buses. Trains are operated by both LNER and Grand Central, however LNER have a better reputation for punctuality and a better refunds policy if trains are delayed.

Train Tickets Note:

In the UK there are several varieties of tickets depending on when tickets are bought and what time you are travelling. Advanced singles, tickets bought early and for specific trains, are usually the cheapest, however if the train is missed due to personal circumstances another ticket has to be bought. Off-peak travel, after 9:00am, is cheaper than travelling on-peak, and usually trains will be quieter.

Tickets can be bought on the national rail website or on The Trainline, in certain cases it can be cheaper to book direct with the train operating company, so to get the best deal it can be best to check all options. Tickets can also be bought at stations.

It is free to request a seat reservation on trains in the UK.

Important note - tickets must be purchased before getting on a train, getting on a train without a valid ticket could lead to a fine on top of the cost of a ticket.


Parking is available at the hotel at an extra cost and with limited spaces, it is recommended to take the train.