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14-18 May 2018
Jefferson Lab - CEBAF Center
US/Eastern timezone

GPDs and LFWFs : crossing the $|x| = |\xi|$ line

18 May 2018, 08:55
Auditorium (Jefferson Lab - CEBAF Center)


Jefferson Lab - CEBAF Center



Dr Cédric Mezrag (INFN Sezione di Roma)


In the very few years after the introduction of Generalised Partons Distributions (GPDs), various authors have made attempts to compute the latter through the use of an overlap of Lightfront Wave Functions (LFWFs). However, contrary to Parton distribution functions (PDFs) or transverse momentum dependent functions (TMDs), GPDs are defined according to different overlaps on their definition domain. More precisely, while on the so-called DGLAP region, the GPDs can be computed as an overlap of LFWFs with the same number of constituent, on the ERBL region $|x|<\xi$, they can be seen as an overlap of LFWFs with a different number of constituent. This property have led the models built this way (except in few specific cases) to violate one of the fundamental aspect of GPDs called the polynomiality. In this talk, I will detail the new systematic method we have introduced to tackle this issue.

Primary author

Dr Cédric Mezrag (INFN Sezione di Roma)


Dr Hervé Moutarde (Irfu, CEA-Saclay) Dr Jose Rodriguez-Quintero (Universidad Huelva) Mr Nabil Chouika (CEA-Irfu-DPHN)

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