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October 25, 2012
Hyatt Regency in Newport Beach, California
US/Pacific timezone
As part of the DNP fall meeting (24-27 Oct., Newport Beach), there will be an extended Town meeting on Friday evening with discussion of the activities of the NSAC subcommittee chaired by Bob Tribble. In addition, there will be an opportunity for mini-Town meetings for members of nuclear physics subfields to solicit public input, hold discussions, and prepare for the Friday meeting. The mini-Town Meetings will be held Thursday evening, 25 Oct., during the time period 6-10 PM. The 4 town meetings corresponding to the 4 major research areas of nuclear physics are listed below, including the names of their organizers:
  • Nuclear structure/astrophysics - Brad Sherrill
  • Hadronic physics - Sebastian Kuhn
  • RHIC physics - Paul Sorensen and Xin-Nian Wang
  • Fund. Symmetries and Neutrinos - Alan Poon, David Hertzog, and Takeyasu Ito
Hyatt Regency in Newport Beach, California
Plaza II
All talks at the Hadronic Physics Town Meeting and the Summary Talk for the DNP/NSAC Town Meeting have been posted at: