LERF Readiness Review


In the Fall of 2015, the Low Energy Recirculator Facility (LERF) will be ready for resumption of beam transport. The LERF (formally the FEL) has been idle since August 2012. Prerequisites to the resuscitation of beam activities at the LERF are a thorough review of the LERF Operations, completion of the accelerator equipment Hot Check Out (HCO) process and authorization from JLab DOE site office and Laboratory Director.

The purpose of this review is to evaluate the plans for resuming LERF beam operations.

The review committee is requested to review the integration of the various components based on the material prepared and presented. In addition to making comments and recommendations on this broad view, the committee should address the following charge questions:

  • Are the beam resuscitation plans complete?
  • Have the lessons-learned from commissioning 12GeV CEBAF, which followed the 12GeV Upgrade, and from recent incidents at JLab and other laboratories, been appropriately applied to the LERF and addressed in the path forward?
  • Are the roles and responsibilities of the JLab staff, specifically Accelerator and Engineering divisions, clearly defined for the resuscitation effort?
  • Is the LERF equipment Hot Check Out process sufficient for establishing that the LERF hardware is ready for beam operations?
  • Is the documentation applicable to beam operations, LERF Operations Directives (LOD), RSAD, etc. complete and thorough?
  • Are the plans to train operators appropriate for the resuscitation effort? For future LERF Operations?

A presentation of the essential conclusions of the review is requested at a closeout immediately following the review. The committee is asked to deliver a written report within one week of completion of the review.

  • Andrew Kimber
  • Arne Freyberger
  • Harry Fanning
  • Robert May
  • Roger Carlini
  • Vaclav Vylet