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New Light Physics at the A2-MAMI Experiment

9 Mar 2021, 11:30


Lena Heijkenskjöld (Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz)


The A2 tagged photon facility at the Mainz Microtron (MAMI) allows for high-precision photo-nuclear studies. The Bremsstrahlung distribution of the A2 photon beam, produced from the MAMI electron beam, covers an E_gamma range between 40 and 1604 MeV. This beam of real photons serves as a clean electromagnetic probe allowing for detailed studies of the inner properties of the nucleon as well as meson-nucleon dynamics. The experimental setup utilises a system of detectors that nearly covers the full solid angle which, together with the high flux beam, also makes the experiment a light meson factory, providing the ideal conditions for searching for new light physics in the MeV to GeV range.

This presentation will detail the current capabilities of the A2 experimental setup as well as outline some possible searches for new physics.

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