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The development of practical quantum simulation technologies and algorithms that are suitable for applications in nuclear science demands a new generation of nuclear scientists, equipped with knowledge in both nuclear physics and advanced computing technology. Under the new DOE initiative on Quantum Horizons: QIS Research and Innovation for Nuclear Science, we are organizing a mini-lecture series at Jefferson Lab to provide the much needed training for young nuclear physicists with the most up-to-date knowledge and skills in applying quantum computing and quantum information science to nuclear physics. We will have committed lecturers, including nuclear theorists and computational scientists, who are the leaders in using the best quantum computing technologies to evaluate nuclear properties as well as in developing quantum computing technologies and algorithms for the challenging computational problems in nuclear science. The lecturers will also host organized working group discussions.

The lecture series will take place at Jefferson Lab over the weeks of March 9-13, and March 16-20. Students and young researchers are encouraged to apply. A limited amount of travel funds will be available.


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