HPS collaboration meeting

F113/L102 (JLAB)



Maurik Holtrop (JLab) , Norman Graf (SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory) , Stepan Stepanyan (Jefferson Lab) , Timothy Nelson (SLAC)
The Heavy Photon Search (HPS) experiment at Jefferson Lab completed its first physics run using a 4.56 GeV electron beam and the upgraded detector. During the three months of running, collaboration was able to commission the beamline and the detector and collect the equivalent of 15 beam days of production data at proposed luminosity. This data will be sufficient to explore a significant new region of mass/coupling parameter space and find or exclude heavy photon production there. During the two day meeting, we will discuss the run and the status of the detector calibrations and plans for expedite data analysis. Progress in the analysis of 2016 engineering run data and a path to publication will be discussed as well. Other items on the agenda will include preparations for the next year's jeopardy, plans for future HPS running and new ideas to explore using the HPS data sets. Please join us for an exciting meeting, the last one before the long production run. The meeting will provide an excellent introduction to HPS for any potential new collaborators, who are invited to attend.