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14-18 May 2018
Jefferson Lab - CEBAF Center
US/Eastern timezone

Study of the gluon and charm content of the deuteron

15 May 2018, 17:30
F113 (Jefferson Lab - CEBAF Center)


Jefferson Lab - CEBAF Center


Dr Nodoka Yamanaka (IPN Orsay)


We evaluate the gluon and charm parton distribution functions (PDFs) of the deuteron using light-front quantization together with the impulse approximation. We use a nuclear wave function obtained by solving the nonrelativistic Schrödinger equation with the realistic Argonne v18 nuclear force; it is then convoluted with the proton PDF. The resulting gluon distribution in the deuteron (per nucleon) is smaller than that of the proton by a few percent close x = 0.4, whereas it is enhanced at x larger than 0.6. We discuss the applicability of our computation and comment on how to extend it to x as large as two. We also analyze the charm distribution of the deuteron within the same approach by considering perturbatively and non-perturbatively (intrinsic) generated charm inside the deuteron. In particular, we note that the intrinsic charm content in the deuteron may be enhanced for 6-quark configurations.

Primary author

Dr Nodoka Yamanaka (IPN Orsay)


Jean-Philippe Lansberg (IPN Orsay - CNRS/IN2P3 - Paris-Saclay U.) Dr Kelly Yu-Ju Chiu (SLAC) Prof. Stanley Brodsky (SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory, Stanford Univsersity)

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