2-3 August 2017
CEBAF Center
EST timezone
During this two-day workshop, staff that operate and maintain CEBAF will review the previous year's performance and plans for future CEBAF operations. The format is the similar to the previous years, only slightly shorter at two days in length. The 2017 CEBAF Operations StayTreat returns to the subjects of System Availability and Linac Energy Reach. The first day will focus on availability and reliability, with views that span the spectrum from stakeholder, lab leadership to staff in the field. The second day will consists of presentations and discussion on the Linac performance. In addition to the invited presentations, new for this year's StayTreat will be lunch time open-mic sessions. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to present a short (less than 10 minutes, 2-slides) on a subject relevant to the day's main theme. No censorship, no judging. I look forward to an engaging, constructive and entertaining two days of dialog with friends and colleagues.
CEBAF Center