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ODU Engineering/JLab "Complex System Governance"

Andrei Seryi (JLAB) , Evelyn Akers (Accelerator Division)

Chuck Keating will present results of a targeted survey regarding

The state of Complex System Governance for "JLab's System for Designing, Building, Operating and Maintaining Cryomodules for CEBAF."

Following Dr. Keating's presentation, we invite participants to discuss the topic(s) presented.

  • Adrian Gheorghe
  • Andres Sousa-Poza
  • Anthony Reilly
  • Camille Ginsburg
  • Charles Reece
  • Christopher Tennant
  • Chuck Keating
  • Edward Daly
  • Evelyn Akers
  • Geoff Krafft
  • J. Payne
  • Joe Grames
  • John Hogan
  • Jonathan Creel
  • Joseph Preble
  • Kelly Dixon
  • Ken Baggett
  • Khan Iftekharrudin
  • Krishnanand Kaipa
  • Michael Seek
  • Michael Spata
  • Murat Kuzlu
  • Orlando Ayala
  • Randy Michaud
  • Renuka Rajput-Ghoshal
  • Rick Nelson
  • Robert Rimmer
  • Samuel Kovacic
  • Tim Michalski
  • Walter Wittmer
  • Will Oren
  • Yunbyeong Chae
  • Zhanping Liu
    • Opening Remarks - Andrei Seryi
    • Opening Remarks - Khan Iftekharrudin
    • Critical Infrastructures, A System Resilience Governance: Dr. Adrian Gheorghe
    • Practical Utility of Complex System Governance: Dr. Chuck Keating
    • Statistical Engineering: Dr. Drew Landman & Dr. T. Steve Cotter
    • Capabilities and Applicability of Interactive Data Visualization Systems: Dr. Zhanping Liu
    • Questions/Discussion