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Jan 18, 2023

Indico upgrade to version 3.2.2

Indico is upgraded to version 3.2.2. This includes many new privacy features and user interface updates. This link provides an in-depth overview of these updates: Indico - Indico 3.2 (

Highlights of updates:

  • New favorite event feature (just select the star at the top of the event page and it will be added to your favorite lists)
  • Create a series from any event type directly from the event (previously only available under the lecture event type)
  • Privacy feature updates to include identifying a data controller and creating a personalized data privacy notice
  • Participant visibility options to include only to other participants, not displayed, or fully displayed to anyone
  • Retention periods added for registration form and participant lists, so other data can be forgotten after an event takes place
  • Registration forms have been modernized and revamped (only if approved use by JLab Event Services)
    • Also you can now add accompanying persons
  • Other small improvements/features:
    • Speaker-only menu options can be added from the event customization section
    • Person selector has been modernized (when choosing a speaker, chairperson, etc.)
    • Improved notification via email for contributors (when comments are made in abstracts by reviewers)
    • Subcontribution speakers submitter rights allows speakers to attach materials and add minutes without having management rights to the parent contribution.