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Apr 30, 2024

Indico upgrade to version 3.3.2

Indico is upgraded to version 3.3.2. This includes many new privacy features and user interface updates. This link provides an in-depth overview of these updates: Changelog — Indico 3.3.2 documentation (

Jan 27, 2023

Setting up speakers in a timetable - Best Practice

When you create a timetable, Indico allows you to add a speaker who does not have an account within Indico. Best Practice is not to add a speaker that way because it creates a lot of issues down the road. All speakers need to create an account with the Jefferson Lab Indico system (Jefferson Lab Indico ( This will allow you to directly tie the speaker to their talk so they can upload their own material. 


If you utilize adding a person without an account, they will not be able to upload their material even if their name appears. They must have an account and be logged in for their upload material link to appear.

Jan 18, 2023

Indico upgrade to version 3.2.2

Indico is upgraded to version 3.2.2. This includes many new privacy features and user interface updates. This link provides an in-depth overview of these updates: Indico - Indico 3.2 (

Highlights of updates:

  • New favorite event feature (just select the star at the top of the event page and it will be added to your favorite lists)
  • Create a series from any event type directly from the event (previously only available under the lecture event type)
  • Privacy feature updates to include identifying a data controller and creating a personalized data privacy notice
  • Participant visibility options to include only to other participants, not displayed, or fully displayed to anyone
  • Retention periods added for registration form and participant lists, so other data can be forgotten after an event takes place
  • Registration forms have been modernized and revamped (only if approved use by JLab Event Services)
    • Also you can now add accompanying persons
  • Other small improvements/features:
    • Speaker-only menu options can be added from the event customization section
    • Person selector has been modernized (when choosing a speaker, chairperson, etc.)
    • Improved notification via email for contributors (when comments are made in abstracts by reviewers)
    • Subcontribution speakers submitter rights allows speakers to attach materials and add minutes without having management rights to the parent contribution.
Apr 18, 2022

Updated categories in Indico!

Categories have been updated. If your event was in 2022-2023 category, it has been relocated to the appropriate category. It will not impact the url for your event. If the event was prior to 2022, it is located in the Archive folder. There are two exceptions, if it was a review or a project. All projects (EIC, LCLS) are located in the Project folder regardless of year. All reviews (including Director's Reviews) are located in the Review/Internal Meeting category.

Please visit MIS Service Now for more information.

Jun 15, 2021

Jefferson Lab Community Standards

Feb 16, 2021

Jefferson Lab Event Planning & Guidance

Nov 5, 2020

Upcoming Indico Maintenance

Upcoming Indico Maintenance

Feb 27, 2012

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