Single channel urPICOSEC

-  We have parts for single channel urPICOSEC prototype (Drew paid for outside LDRD)

- Parasitic preliminary test planned in GDD lab at CERN in December

- Assembly of the prototype will be done at CERN

- Drawing of the mechanical part in hand => Can we have them manufactured in one month time frame => Brian

Postdoctoral search

- Preliminary forms for job advert and job description sent to Stephanie Tysor, waiting for her input to proceed

- This remain the priority task for the first couple of months

Procurement of items

- Cryogenic vacuum pump: can we get 3 quotes from vendors => Klaus?

- LMH6881 chips + interface PCB-PDA parts => Wenze?

- Reference MM-PICOSEC prototype => will work procurement details with folks at CERN?

- urPICOSEC PC (DAQ, data, HV) => Kondo